Recurrent Patella (Knee Cap) Dislocation

Patella or knee cap is a round to ovoid shaped structure in front of knee joint. Patella articulates with trochlear notch of thigh bone to form patellofemoral joint in the knee. Patella moves up and down along with bending movement of knee and is stabilized in notch with help of lateral and medial ligament. Patella commonly dislocated laterally due to tear of medial ligament called Medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL).

  • Traumatic event to the knee
  • Person with knock knees
  • Individual with internally rotated foot on walking and running
  • Individual with increased laxity of ligaments
  • Shallow trochlear notch
  • Pain and swelling
  • Inability or difficulty in knee movement
  • Felling of giving away of knee while running or walking
  • Instability of knee

Initial management is application of ice packs and immobilization of knee. Patient should visit a specialist for relocation of knee. Knee is immobilized and patient is subjected to x-ray, CT SCAN and MRI SCAN to find out the cause of dislocation. In case of recurrent dislocation patient is advised for surgical management.