Shoulder Dislocation

Recurrent shoulder dislocation can occur due various reasons such as direct blow to the shoulder , contact sports like kabaddi, football, rugby, in patients with seizure disorder, road traffic accident, etc.

Shoulder joint can be compared to a golf ball kept in a shallow cup , although this arrangement allows increased mobility but keeps the joint more prone to dislocation. Joint is enclosed on all sides by a capsulolabral complex which functions to enhance stability of the joint. When shoulder dislocates it is also associated with tear of the capsulolabral complex and thus decreasing the stability of shoulder joint. This unstable joint is at risk of repeated dislocation with minor trauma or even just on overhead activities.

Recurrent shoulder dislocation is diagnosed with clinical examination and on MRI. This condition is best treated arthroscopically (key hole surgery) using absorbable suture anchors.